Technique in which a scene – usually a landscape – is photographed as if it were being surveyed from afar, practiced most famously by the 1970s ‘New Topographics’photographers, including Robert Adams, Lewis Baltz, Nicholas Nixon, and Bernd and Hilla Becher.

Inspired by Topography

Fabio Barile -Italian, b. 1980 |Pawel Mlodkowski -Polish, b. 1975|Colin McRae |Rodrigo Valenzuela |Max Serradifalco -Italian, b. 1978

Fabio Barile : Simulation of river dynamics and erosion pat- terns in darkroom with sand, developer and silver gelatin paper., 2015

From the series An investigation of the laws observable in the composition, dissolution, and restoration of land

From the series Esthetics of Destruction

Colin McRae: Wire Line; Old Rail; Wire Line Orange; Salt Sort One; Red Cross

Rodrigo Valenzuela: Sense Of Place #4, 2016; Sense of Place #14, 2016