The House of Somebody finishes now, actually with some good results. As I said before, the name of the project comes from the idea of being invading someone’s property. The hole project, the research, are connected to maps, artists who works with subjects linked to locations, spaces and places… My research really inspired me in many ways and actually from the beginning to the end were I decide to saturate the colours of my images and that gives to my work a completely different idea\face of location or landscape a location. To me that works quite well because I can see in it a difference between a post cards that we use and the ones I am about to present. A unusual way of showing a place.

In terms of changes, I had some along the way. From the very beginning I wold, with anybodies images create a piece of work that I wold call “Post Cards of Dereham”. From when I start to look at thinks, it might have worked but I knew so many people doing that and I really wanted something that I knew I wold work more to get it. Then, researching and looking at different artists and techniques of work I found the idea of using photoshop to change the colours in my images, in each different thing in the image was supposed to be a different type of colour and with that I wold tell a history of why I did that. Well did take me some time to realize that I was in a trouble, since I and photoshop don’t work friendly. I just solve the situation finding a ‘easy but better way of making something that I became to like to see in the images.

My images are screen shoots. I made them by using google earth programe, selecting what I was interested in and digitaly working on them (like I said above).

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Photographers, Artists, Places and Different Subjects related to my final work

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Pictures of the Location of Dereham are my, taken through the Google Maps or Earth